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Morgan Boszilkov

Fine Art inspired by nature, travel, materials, location

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By the Morning Light

A ceramic on canvas, multimedia artwork with paper, acrylic and seed beads

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Ascension, a ceramics on Canvas diptych with black leaves on linen

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First Slide: Morgan surveying tile installation in-process, photograph by Robert Lederman (June 2020)
Morgan Boszilkov

Artist, Designer, Mother, Cancer Survivor, Treehugger

A new Mixed Media...

For her first gallery show, a solo show at Gainey Hall in Serenbe, Morgan could only hang art on the walls. There was no room for free-standing sculpture. She began to experiment by sewing ceramics onto hanging fabric. Then she sewed them onto canvases. The first were ceramic "quilting" triangles, then she added ceramic leaves and flowers. She invented a new mixed media technique: sewing ceramics onto canvas.

Stylish & Flexible

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Come see the art! This is your guide to the "where" and 'when". Of course, you can view Morgan's ceramic tile mosaic installation in Serenbe any time.


How Ceramics on Canvas was Born

In 2016, I wanted to make an ornament that looked like a nested, hanging, ceramic fish. With the extra clay, I made nesting flowers. Those flowers with holes for the string became one element of future inspiration for my ceramics sewn onto canvas.

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High School AP Art - The Dress

My AP art project was a wedding dress made of all my papers I had saved in my efforts to be what everyone expected. It was an adolescent commentary on American ideals, expectations, culture and an unrealistic striving for "perfection". It was made to fit "perfect" body measurements of 36" x 24" x 36".

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Art Supplies - Embroidery and Beading

My favorite art supplies for embroidery and beading

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Comments & Quotes

“The receptive, creative genius of your artistry is astounding... no words!”
Tracie Lofgren
“Your talent is so amazing!”
Lynn Eden
“Amazing range of art and design”
Jon Hutson

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