Serenbe Tree

Serenbe Tree, A Mosaic. In memory of Shelton g. Stanfill for his passion for the arts. Commissioned by the Serenbe Institute

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Serenbe Institute
June 2020

The Serenbe Tree, an Installation

The Serenbe Institute commissioned me to design, create and install a mosaic in memory of Shelton g. Stanfill for his passion for the arts. I incorporated the representation of 3 of his passions: family, film, and music. This is a busy corner in Serenbe, and the nook sits below a restaurant and businesses. The nook has a bench and a beautiful Selborne-specific light fixture adjacent to it. I wanted the tree to be balanced but asymmetrical and have a wabi sabi feel.

Serenbe Tree by Morgan Boszilkov, a public art mosaic installation in memory of Shelton Stanfill

The white and black tiles represent music, the yellow represents film, like the projected light from a film projector. Each tile was handmade. Some were textured using leaves. They are all perfectly imperfect.

Blues and greens stacked by color in preparation for laying out the design on the floor
More greens, yellow, white, brown, and black tiles in stacks. I used about a thousand tiles

As I worked on this project, especially while installing it, I learned even more about Shelton. People would stop to tell me a personal story about him and sing his praises. I also got to know his wife, Brigitte, which was such a delight in this process. It was an honor to work on this project.

Something unexpected happened...

After installing the tree, I noticed people sitting under it, interacting with each other or the mosaic itself. I realized that the installation will forever be a new composition depending on who sits beneath its boughs. The light plays on the glazed tiles differently at different times of day and in different seasons.

I was told a most beautiful anecdote of a mother and child sitting at the tree. The child commented on the beauty of the tiles but was afraid to touch it in fear of damaging it. The mother said, no, it's ok to touch the tiles. I love that it is tactile and the different added textures and glaze combinations make this a multi-sensory experience.

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