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Ceramic Platters

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November 2019

Ceramic Platters

Made using a slab roller and various clays bodies. These platters are all one of a kind. They are great on a table as functional art or hung on a wall.

I glazed the entire platter with clear glaze, then I poured white glaze on it and tipped it in two directions. I filled the negative space with dark blue sapphire designs and added the bright blue splotches on top.
Thistles, imagined plants and organic shapes
A commission for a lover of blue and white design.
This platter is ready for a wall with its platter hanger attached.
A commission
Vibrant colors inspired by fabric and wallpaper patterns
Redstone clay with rings of white glaze, black designs painted on top, then clear glaze over the whole thing
Large ceramic platter with blue tree. My favorite glazes for these blue and white designs are Sapphire and Frost by Mayco glazes.
Another shady picture of a platter, but it sold that same day, and it's the only photo I have of this beautiful palate of greens and blues.
Trees, leaves, circles and lines. Blue and white design
Blues and Greens. Photographed at Serenbe's Gainey Hall
This wabi wabi platter has hidden deer images amongst the organic shapes. Sold at my solo show at Gainey Hall in Serenbe.
Platter with pastels. Low fire clay and glaze.

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