Natural Bridal Collection 2008

Morgan's Debut as a wedding gown designer, 2008

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August 2008

Natural Bridal Collection 2008

These are the first wedding gowns I designed. They were made locally with eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics. I designed a few of them to be more versatile by having a detachable lower skirt... perhaps wear it long for the ceremony and short for the reception?

I remember sculpting the branch on this gown with little tucks of the organic cotton fabric. I worked all night until the gown was complete. The sash is made of a silky bamboo/tencel.

The Alyssa gown, below, is made of a hemp/silk blend floral jacquard.

The Brigette, below, is a hemp/silk blend crepe with a peace silk sash.

The gown, Anne, below, is made of two contrasting fabrics, both hemp/silk blends. The lower skirt was detachable.

Kayla, the gown below, has a detachable lower skirt. The bodice is made of hemp/silk blend floral jacquard and the skirt is peace silk.

This is a halter gown I made, and I found a light blue tulle underskirt at a vintage shop, and I layered them.

This little pixie dress (much shorter on this tall model than on the average bride!) is made of a striped silk. I sculpted the bustle on the back into voluminous but delicate folded layers. I loved how the stripes overlapped beautifully.

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