Ceramics on Canvas pieces. Garden I & II

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November 2019

Garden I & II

These pieces were created for the first show at Gainey Hall in 2019. These were my first large scale ceramics on canvas works. Garden I flowers and leaves are mostly made using low fire clay and glazes. The pieces range from vibrant to pastel.

Morgan Boszilkov, Garden I

Garden I Details

Garden I, detail
Garden I, detail of leaves and delicate blue flowers

Garden II

The second large piece, Garden II, has half high fire, half low fire clay. Much of leaves in Garden II were pressed from plants at Serenbe Farms. There are radish, fig, tomato, kale, grape and beet leaves. I also borrowed some orchid leaves from my house plants.

Morgan Boszilkov, Garden II

Garden I & II in process

Freshly pressed, cut, and formed leaves
Leaves out of the kiln
Leaves with high-fire glazes
Experimenting with different arrangements
Moving tiles from the staging and arranging canvas to the final, fabric-covered canvas

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