From Within

A multimedia artwork with ceramics on canvas, acrylic, wool, beads, and embroidery

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October 2020

From Within

From Within on display at The First Seven, a show at Studio Swan in Chatt Hills, Georgia
Detail of From Within
Texturing The wabi sabi circle after rolling the clay and cutting the shape
Preparing the fabric on one canvas and arranging the ceramics on the other so it is ready to transfer the pieces and attach them

You can see the acrylic paint on the quilted repurposed fabrics from my wedding dress designs. With the approximate prepared arrangement next to the final canvas, I can paint strategically, knowing what will be layered over the paint.

Sewing the ceramic flowers, leaves and tiles onto the canvas

For this piece I used sashiko thread (found here) to sew the ceramic leaves, flowers, circle and tiles onto the canvas.

Knots of wool yarn and sashiko thread on silk organza for texture

I used wool yarn to create knots of various sizes on repurposed, natural silk organza to create textured patches I could sew onto the canvas. I layered it over the other fabric and some of the paint, but the paint and fabric texture showed through the organza between the wool knots. I also used paper that I bought in Japan years ago and painted it with acrylic paint and attached it in various places to compliment the ceramic shapes and add to the movement and texture of the piece. Above you can see that I attached the paper to the organza with the wool knots before cutting it out and sewing it to the canvas.

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