Empress Evolved and Love Triangles

Black, White and Linen Ceramics on Canvas

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February 2020

Empress Evolved and Love Triangles

Empress Evolved

Empress Evolved was one of the last pieces I made for the solo show in Serenbe. There was a plant with large leaves near my house called an Empress Tree. It was perfect for this large tryptich. As I was loading the kiln, a couple of the larges leaves broke, but as I looked down at the pieces, I envisioned the final artwork. I wanted the leaves to move from whole to bursting apart across the canvases.

Empress Evolved, Morgan Boszilkov, triptych
Ceramics on Canvas

The black matte leaves have an appearance of leather. I used Japanese sashiko thread to sew on the ceramic leaves and triangles. I also embroidered and stitched the layers of fabric together. Here, I used black and white sashkio thread. You can find the thread I use here. *

Love Triangles

Love Triangles, Morgan Boszilkov

Love Triangles is an experimental piece and one of my first pieces I sewed ceramics onto the canvas. This has a first layer of sustainable hemp/silk blend charmeuse, then I layered organic linen, natural silk and another charmeuse fabric sample. These fabrics are repurposed from my Natural Bridal Collection fabric. I also embroidered and beaded the work in geometric patterns complimenting the triangular "quilting" tiles. This was sold at my solo show at Gainey Hall in Serenbe, sponsored by the Art Farm at Serenbe. See this work on Instagram.

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