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Learning New Skills

Floral Design class at
Redwine Plantation, Chatt Hills, Ga

Interior & Landscape Design

From floor plans, cabinet design and custom tiles to landscape plans and installation. Design in and around the home brings me joy.

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Why Crafted?

These things don't necessarily fit into the other categories, but they are part of my artistic joy and productivity. I will often take lessons learned or inspiration from these things and bring it to my fine artwork.

Every now and then a project inspires me to create. An idea, an inspiration, a need for something functional will send me into a making-state.


any years ago, I was in the Miss Teen Georgia pageant. Yes, I know, not what you expected. Ha ha ha! But I was in it for the scholarship money, I promise! We had to say a one-liner when we got on stage to introduce ourselves. It was a last minute add to the show, and I quickly said, "I'm Morgan Boszilkov, and I'm a Renaissance woman." I was only 16, so, I probably should have said "girl". I have always loved doing and making a wide variety of things. This page is here, because I'm still experimenting in creative activities beyond one medium. I enjoy a challenge, love to learn new skills, and...

...I still find necessity to be the mother of functional art invention.

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How Ceramics on Canvas was Born

In 2016, I wanted to make an ornament that looked like a nested, hanging, ceramic fish. With the extra clay, I made nesting flowers. Those flowers with holes for the string became one element of future inspiration for my ceramics sewn onto canvas.

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High School AP Art - The Dress

My AP art project was a wedding dress made of all my papers I had saved in my efforts to be what everyone expected. It was an adolescent commentary on American ideals, expectations, culture and an unrealistic striving for "perfection". It was made to fit "perfect" body measurements of 36" x 24" x 36".

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Art Supplies - Embroidery and Beading

My favorite art supplies for embroidery and beading

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