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November 30, 2020

How Ceramics on Canvas was Born

The invention of a new art technique

For years I sculpted fabric into flowers for my eco-friendly wedding gown collections.

Natural Bridal Collection gown with sculpted fabric flowers

Then, in 2016, I made clay flowers with holes in which I envisioned attaching a stem. Those flowers with holes became one element of future inspiration for my ceramics sewn onto canvas.

The small flowers of speckled brownstone were my first flowers, made with holes to string together or attach to stems.

When we moved into our new house in Serenbe, I was lying in bed and envisioning a quilt hanging on a large blank wall. Then I envisioned ceramic triangles layered over the fabric quilted triangles, adding dimension and texture. The next day I began to experiment with quilting fabric triangles in preparation for their layered ceramic triangles. In my ceramic studio I made many triangles of clay and eventually glazed them in beautiful colors. The patterns on the tiles were reminiscent of those found in fabric. I put holes in each of the corners of the triangles and sewed them onto the quilted fabric.

Laying out fabric triangles and layering ceramic tiles on top
Rising Waters. First I added the ceramic "quilting" triangles to hanging fabric. I quilted, embroidered, stitched, beaded and layered the fabric. Then I sewed the triangles on.
Rooted, my first ceramics on stretched canvas piece
Frolic, my first combination of flowers, leaves and triangles.

I use many embroidery and sewing threads. My favorites are Japanese sashiko thread and silk kimono thread. I lived in Japan after college and have great respect and admiration for their craft and art.

Garden I, detail

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