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Morgan Boszilkov is a self-taught artist using clay, fabric, and paint to create two-dimensional and sculptural vibrant works of art. She has created an innovative form of fine art: ceramics sewn onto canvas.

Her work captures the beauty and richness of the natural world amidst our changing climate, reflecting her core values of conservation and sustainability.  Her newest work of ceramics on canvas debuted in a nearly sold-out solo show at Gainey Hall in Serenbe.

Morgan sculpts clay into natural forms like flowers and leaves. She also makes ceramic “quilt” triangles, glazing each as if it were a miniature painting and integrates them into the sculptures. These triangles frame, flow through, emphasize, anchor and transition into the organic shapes. She then works intuitively to arrange, connect and harmonize the sculptural elements and textures with beading and embroidery on sustainable fabrics.

She experiments with the concept of wabi-sabi and beauty in imperfection, exploring various materials and always experimenting with new techniques. The process of art is an impatient meditation that brings her joy and fulfillment.

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My Story

Morgan comes from a family of professional artists and is inspired by nature, her travels to Asia and Europe, and the various materials with which she works.

Her eclectic travels and self-taught craftsmanship culminated into a successful line of eco-friendly wedding gowns, Natural Bridal Collection by Morgan Boszilkov. Her sustainable gown designs were featured in Brides Magazine, Skirt!, CNN, OneWed, and Style Me Pretty, and she even designed a dress for Melissa Rivers, during TLC’s “Who are you wearing?” design challenge, and won the competition.

Her current ceramic work featuring handmade tiles has been highlighted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and HGTV.

"I experiment with the concept of wabi-sabi and beauty in imperfection, exploring various materials and always experimenting with new techniques. The process of art is an impatient meditation that brings me joy and fulfillment."


Did you know?

A Business Degree
with a concentration in

I LOVE math! After completing the honors program at the Core Curriculum in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University, I knew I wanted to be an art minor, but I could not decide on a major. My roommate was taking the introductory course at the School of Management, and it sounded interesting. I ended up switching to "SMG" and concentrating in accounting. I interned at Deloitte and Touche before starting there the next fall as an audit accountant.

A Year in Japan

After trying auditing, I moved to Shisui, Kumamoto, Japan for a year. It was beautiful, safe, and clean. When I walked into the clothing stores, I felt like I was walking into my dream closets - my style, and the clothes fit me.
I taught English to school children and acted in a couple commercials and modeled.

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Who Are You Wearing? on TLC

After establishing myself as a designer, I was invited to compete on a fashion design show called "Who Are You Wearing?" on TLC, The Learning Channel. They flew me out to L.A., and I was one of 4 contestants competing to dress Melissa Rivers for a red carpet event. I won the competition making an asymmetrical grey gown of sustainable tercel jersey.

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Natural Bridal Collections

I moved back to Georgia in the summer of 2006. I kept working on my business plan and worked to fund my start up, Natural Bridals by Morgan Boszilkov. I started making sample gowns and sourcing my eco-friendly, sustainable fabric. First I worked as a tutor and accounting temp to fund my business. Then I worked as a collector and finally as an accountant.
My biggest challenge was manufacturing. It was difficult to find people with the skills to create high quality wedding gowns either made to order or in small batches.
My designs and I were featured in many local and national publications and websites. I was the first wedding gown designer selling on Etsy. The gowns sold around the world, and it was a very fulfilling experience until I had children.
See photos of the collections here:

2008 Collection
2009 collection
2010 collection

Project Runway - 3rd Season

After feeling so close to making it onto Project Runway, I wanted to try the next year, season 3. I spent that year between honing my sewing skills and working many different jobs to support myself: accountant, math and reading tutor, house cleaner (eco-friendly, self employed), one of a kind purse and bag designer, coffee shop barista, jewelry shop worker, and restaurant hostess.
I was lucky to meet one of my best friends that year and have an amazing trip to Martha's vineyard.
By the end of the year at the Project Runway auditions in NY, NY, I had a much better portfolio, but the show had become much more popular. Instead of 3 hours waiting for auditions, I waited 8 hours. I got a "maybe".  They said, "this year we are looking for people with more industry experience." I was out of luck. On the way home to PA from NY, I decided I could spend a week being depressed, because I had worked so hard to get ready for that audition. But the next day...I started to write a business plan.

Project Runway - 2nd Season

After moving back from Japan, I moved to Wilkes-Barre, PA. When driving in, there was a sign that said "Congrat Jay McCarroll, winner of Project Runway". I knew I didn't want to go back into accounting if I didn't have to, so I started working on a portfolio from scratch. It was the second year of the show, and I had 2 weeks to put it together. At 5am every morning I would bake pies at Dymond's bakery. The rest of the day I worked on the portfolio and in a little shop. I tried out in New York, and they told me, "we love you, but we are worried about your sewing skills. Make a video to show us you can sew." This was before phones had video, and I didn't have a cell phone, so it took me all day to find a camera. I had an hour to make the video. It was not my best work. I didn't get on the show, but I felt hopeful and planned for the next year.

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My AP art project was a wedding dress made of all my papers I had saved in my efforts to be what everyone expected. It was an adolescent commentary on American ideals, expectations, culture and an unrealistic striving for "perfection". It was made to fit "perfect" body measurements of 36" x 24" x 36".
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